Polk Scholastic Chess would like to recognize graduating seniors who have had an extended length of participation with Polk Scholastic Chess and who have made active contributions to their schools and our community. Polk Scholastic Chess exists to encourage academic growth through the game of chess. As part of this encouragement for academic growth, we would like to award two scholarships in the amounts of $1,500.00 and $1,000.00 for continuing education. 

Recipients of these scholarships will receive the awards after confirmation of enrollment in college/university. Any recipient that does not provide proof of enrollment from the Registrar’s office for the first fall semester after graduation will forfeit the scholarship. At the same time, fees for the semester must have been paid to the chosen college or university. If the scholarship is not claimed within the first semester after graduating from high school, it will be forfeited. Checks will be mailed to the recipients in the month of October 2025 or later. 

1. All applicants must be graduating seniors of the current school year.
2. Intend on entering college for the fall semester after graduating.
3. Have a good record of sportsmanlike behavior
4. Have a good record of school and community involvement.
5. Have been part of Polk Scholastic Chess for five or more years.
6. Should qualify for Championship and attend Championship tournament and be present at the final Award Ceremony in March. Otherwise, Scholarship will be forfeited and will awarded to the next student.
7. Student will provide their enrollment into the college by getting a letter from the Registrar's office for the fall semester and should be received by 30th Sept 2025.


A. Complete and submit this application for review by January 20th, 2025 at our website Polk Scholastic Chess.

B. Write and upload an essay titled “The Academic Benefits of Chess”. The essay must not exceed 500 words. 

C. List awards you have received, other activities you have participated in, and interests you have.

All applications must be received (online submission only) by Polk Scholastic Chess no later than January 20th, 2024.   Direct Link:

No applications will be accepted after the due date.