Polk Scholastic Chess would like to recognize graduating seniors who have had an extended length of participation with Polk Scholastic Chess and who have made active contributions to their school and community.

Polk Scholastic Chess exists to encourage academic growth through the game of chess. As part of this encouragement for academic growth we would like to award two scholarships in the amounts of $1,500.00 and $1,000.00 for continuing education.

Interested? You can learn more about the qualification criteria and apply online by clicking here



2017-18 Scholarship Winners: Shulagra Shah (Bartow IB) and Armand Ceniza (Bartow IB) with Mr. Victor Adler (International Master):


2016-17 Scholarship Winners: Nandan Patel and Alaxander Palmer with Ms. Trish Pfiffer (Mayor, City of Bartow):
2015-16 Scholarship Winner Ms. Simone Gable:
 2014-15 Scholarship Winners Neel Shah and Amol Patadia, with Senator Kelli Stargel

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