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Welcome to Polk Scholastic Chess and the tournament year 2015-16! Online student registration is now CLOSED for this season.

We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization offering an extracurricular activity open to all students of Polk County, Florida enrolled in Pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, including home-schooled students. We exist to encourage academic growth through the game of chess. PSC has been committed since over 25 years to encouraging academic growth through the game of chess

Over 500 chess players from Polk County schools celebrated with Senator Kelli Stargel at the Polk Scholastic Chess' Championship Season Finale earlier this year (March 21, 2015). At the award ceremony packed with over 1000 people, the Senator provided welcome remarks at the event, saying “The game of Chess indeed helps in brain development and education, and I am proud of these wonderful players from our Polk County schools”.

Senator Kelli Stargel at Polk Scholastic Chess Finals, 2015
PSC organizes chess tournaments for all Polk County public schools and is supported by the Polk County School Board. Every year, around 600 kids participate in the tournaments from the entire Polk County, Pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade, making it the largest scholastic chess tournament in the State of Florida.

“Out of over 90,000 students in Polk County, we have the best of the best chess players present here. I encourage all players to continue this journey, prepare yourself to be challenged, excited and inspired,” said Malay Shah, President, Polk Scholastic Chess. “The PSC Board members are thankful to the Senator to have accepted our invitation to be with us. It is always great to interact with our elected officials, especially when child education is one of their priorities. We enjoyed introducing our chess family, our values and mission to the Senator, and learn about her vision on how chess can contribute to children education”.

SENIOR AWARDS: Apart from trophies to the winners, PSC awards participation trophies to all qualifying players in this Championship Tournament, so every child walks out with a trophy and a smile. Additionally, PSC recognizes two graduating seniors who have had an extended length of participation with Polk Scholastic Chess and who have made active contributions to their school and community. As part of this encouragement for academic growth, scholarships are awarded towards their continuing education. The scholarship was awarded to two 12th grade students from Bartow IB School: Amol Patadia and Neel Shah (12th Grade, Bartow IB).

Championship Tournament results:

The Top Three Championship Winners in their respective Divisions were:

Guppy Division (K-1 grade):
- I Place: Clayton Greene (Bartow Elementary Academy) Bartow IB School Team - Yet again at the top team position!
- II Place: Diana Nunez (Cleveland Court Elementary)
- III Place: Colton DeRoos (All Saints Academy)

Primary Division: (2-3 grade):
- I Place: Abraham Medina (Brigham Academy)
- II Place: Benjamin Rafool (All Saints Academy)
- III Place: Caeden Deboer (Home School)

Elementary Division: (4-5 grade):
- I Place: Niriham Shah (Bartow Elementary Academy)
- II Place: Sachin Shivakumar (Lincoln Avenue Academy)
- III Place: Spencer Wiley (St. Paul Lutheran)

Middle Division (6-8 grade):
- I Place: James Barrick (Lawton Chiles Middle Academy)
- II Place: Izaiah Wamsley (Crystal Lake Middle)
- III Place: Nathaniel Diaz (Jewett Academy Middle School)Lincoln Avenue Academy retains its top position in Elementary/Primary/Guppy Divisions.

Senior Division (9-12 grade):
- I Place: David Cook (McKeel Academy of Technology)
- II Place: Michael Sutton (Haines City IB School)
- III Place: Shulagra Shah (Bartow IB School)

The season’s Top School Teams were:

Guppy Division (K-1 grade):
- I Place: Lincoln Avenue Academy
- II Place: Bethune Academy
- III Place: Cleveland Court Elementary Players, Parents and Coaches at Polk Scholastic Chess Championship Finale, March 21, 2015

Primary Division: (2-3 grade):
- I Place: Lincoln Avenue Academy
- II Place: Cleveland Court Elementary
- III Place: Brigham Academy

Elementary Division: (4-5 grade):
- I Place: Lincoln Avenue Academy
- II Place: Bartow Elementary Academy
- III Place: Sikes Elementary

Middle Division (6-8 grade):
- I Place: Lawton Chiles Middle Academy
- II Place: Crystal Lake Middle
- III Place: Jewett Academy Middle School

Senior Division (9-12 grade):
- I Place: Bartow IB School
- II Place: Haines City IB School)
- III Place: Lakeland Senior

C. Mark Williams (St. Paul Lutheran/Lakeland Christian) and Kristin Al-Shaer (S. McKeel Academy)     







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Polk Scholastic Chess is a non profit, 501(c) 3 organization dedicated to encouraging academic growth through the game of chess.
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