31st Polk Scholastic Chess Tournament Season (2018-2019)


Greetings Chess Players, Parents and Coaches,

Our January tournament day was quite eventful! We had one of our enterprising players who graduated last year, Mr. Noah Hamilton, talk about his chess journey of over 12 years at Polk Scholastic Chess. He encouraged all kids to learn, compete with fun and participate in the scholarship program. He especially recognized his coach Mr. Dan French for teaching the nuances of chess. His inspiring speech was welcomed by all and we wish him the best for college.

Pic above:  Lawton Chiles students with Noah Hamilton.


Pic above:  Wedell Watson Elementary students with their proud coach Ms. Susie Hardee and parents.

1.    All of the tournaments will be Game 30.
2.    Please complete your paperwork on the Coaches Corner (on our website) so we can submit it to the school board. Please register online (no mailing required this year for your forms - we are going green one step at a time!)
3.    We encourage you to study our chess manual online, and explain the specific rules to the kids
4.    Please remind your players that in order to qualify for this Championship tournament in March 2019, a player must have competed in at least 12 of the possible 16 rounds, and if they have played at least the minimum games, they will qualify regardless of their score in the previous four tournaments.

5.   Mandatory Result Slips: Please print the result slips for Guppy and Primary division players this week so your team can use them during the games.

Vendors: We will have a few vendors at our tournament including food vendors. The vendors pay a fee so they can advertise at our tournaments and help us by keeping our registration fees low. We also have non-compete arrangement with them so no two vendors would compete for exactly same service or food on site. Please refrain from your business promotion activities unless you are registered with Polk Scholastic Chess.

: We always need parent volunteers to help us ensure safety of our kids - you are welcome to join our volunteer family by helping out in areas like safety, communication with parents about upcoming rounds, helping us maintain a smoke/drug/alcohol free environment, etc.

Food: There will be a few options for food at the tournament site (Taco Bell, Drica's Coffee, Magnolia Popcorn, Dairy Queen, Curly Tails BBQ, etc.), depending on the vendors' schedules. Additionally, there are also a few restaurants and fast food places within 10 minutes drive from the venue.

Chairs: Please bring your folding chairs, tables and canopies - we may not have enough chairs for all parents.

Weather: We advise you to check the weather reports and have your kids dressed appropriately.

Twitter: Sign up if you haven't already for our Twitter feeds @PolkChess for tournament announcements, rounds and updates.

Thank you for your continued support and participation!

Malay Shah

Then we took the Yoga route! We talked about how every parent and teacher would like to see the kids increase their concentration powers. I strongly encourage all to try a few simple yoga postures along with the scientific techniques of rhythmic and regulated Yogic breathing ("Prana-Ayama") for a few months and experience the results first hand! We were fortunate to have Ms. Brooke Bridgeford, a Lakeland based certified Yoga instructor, join us and teach a few of these techniques to the players. She was able to get the players involved and enthralled for experiencing relaxation techniques and alternate nostril breathing (Anulom-Viloma) to increase their focus.

Ms. Bridgeford can be reached at soulshinebrooke@gmail.com


Logo Contest
: We have received very creative designs and our judges are evaluating the same. We will announce the winner during the February tournament - morning session.


Schedule: For all the tournaments, the players should be present at the check-in desk at our tournament hall latest by 8:30 am - Please READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE CHECK-IN FORM and ensure your child/players are checked-in at the front desk - our front desk team has school-wise lists of all players including independant players. We will plan to start the announcements by 8:15 am so that we can start the games faster. Like previous years, unless we have emergencies like the hurricane, we will have four (4) games. We have tentatively planned to complete the tournament day by tentatively 3:30 pm, but will keep you updated via our Twitter feed. Lunch break will be around 12:30 noon.

Venue: The tournament venue for the first four tournaments will be the Bartow Civic Center (2250 S. Floral Ave, Bartow, FL 33830) and the March 2019 championship tournament will be held at Carver Recreation Center (520 S. Idlewood Ave, Bartow).

The dates for the tournaments will be:
•    October 13th, 2018
•    November 10, 2018
•    January 12th, 2019
•    February 2th, 2019
•    March 9th, 2019 (Championship)



Safety: Please help us to keep our kids safe, by supervising them and also help keep the Civic Center property safe. Students that are not properly supervised by you (all day) will not be allowed to compete in PSC tournaments or rounds. No grills on the Civic Center premises please - we do not want any accidents with any of the kids. Lastly, please do not be surprised to see a police officer patrolling the premises to ensure safety of our kids.

NO SMOKING POLICY: Please help us maintain our tournament premises smoke free, alcohol free and drug free. We strongly need parent involvement to make this happen for our kids.




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